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Yes Ive had this account for a while years ago while I was experimenting with Flash, but try as I might I sucked and my version was a trial so I had no choice but to give up! Then I saw an art community I figgered I may as well give it another try!

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Dear Princess Celestia

Today I learned something very strange that for some reason in an entire two fandom where they make art out of ANYTHING for some reason skateboards are ONLY considered skateboards and nothing more.

It makes NO SENSE to me no matter how hard I think about it, how a home made plushy is generally sold for THREE HUNDRED dollars bought BY A MAN but you put out a skateboard and the result is always

"But I don't skate"

At first I just wrote it off as maybe one person here and there just didn't get the artistic side of the skateboarding industry, I mean it's not that rare of a concept.

I knew a guy once who had Skateboards along his wall that had his favorite bands on them (My favorite was one that had The Misfits Fiend skull on it) and when you see pics of kids rooms that are trying to be cool you always see skateboards on the wall.

BUT for some reason in the Furry and MLP fandom all any one sees is a skateboard AND THAT'S IT!

Dose this mean that if some one has a commemorative plate they feel this uncontrollable urge to EAT ON IT?

Do they look at a muscle car and go "Yah it looks cool but I'd have no use for it because I don't DRAG RACE."?

I have been busting my ass trying to promote my latest Skate board and can you guess what the MOST common response is?

"But I can't skate"
"But I don't skate any more"
"I don't...

Well you get the idea it's SO COMMON I just want punch 'em in the face and start lecturing them on art and skateboards.

It is like the BIGGEST thing affecting the sale of my skateboards and it's really starting to piss me off. I have seen people paint truck tailgates before and you don't hear people going "Damn I don't own a truck OH WELL"

I've seen people sell Hoods of NASCAR cars signed by the drivers I don't see people going "that's cool and all but I don't own NASCAR race car"!

WHY is it that Skateboards are THE ONE THING that only have one use in the world, especially when they are such awesome pieces of art?

Sorry for the rant your majesty!
Your Faithful student:
The Burning Donut

Skateboards CAN BE art!

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