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Skateboards CAN BE art!

2012-01-31 19:17:46 by TheBurningDonut

Dear Princess Celestia

Today I learned something very strange that for some reason in an entire two fandom where they make art out of ANYTHING for some reason skateboards are ONLY considered skateboards and nothing more.

It makes NO SENSE to me no matter how hard I think about it, how a home made plushy is generally sold for THREE HUNDRED dollars bought BY A MAN but you put out a skateboard and the result is always

"But I don't skate"

At first I just wrote it off as maybe one person here and there just didn't get the artistic side of the skateboarding industry, I mean it's not that rare of a concept.

I knew a guy once who had Skateboards along his wall that had his favorite bands on them (My favorite was one that had The Misfits Fiend skull on it) and when you see pics of kids rooms that are trying to be cool you always see skateboards on the wall.

BUT for some reason in the Furry and MLP fandom all any one sees is a skateboard AND THAT'S IT!

Dose this mean that if some one has a commemorative plate they feel this uncontrollable urge to EAT ON IT?

Do they look at a muscle car and go "Yah it looks cool but I'd have no use for it because I don't DRAG RACE."?

I have been busting my ass trying to promote my latest Skate board and can you guess what the MOST common response is?

"But I can't skate"
"But I don't skate any more"
"I don't...

Well you get the idea it's SO COMMON I just want punch 'em in the face and start lecturing them on art and skateboards.

It is like the BIGGEST thing affecting the sale of my skateboards and it's really starting to piss me off. I have seen people paint truck tailgates before and you don't hear people going "Damn I don't own a truck OH WELL"

I've seen people sell Hoods of NASCAR cars signed by the drivers I don't see people going "that's cool and all but I don't own NASCAR race car"!

WHY is it that Skateboards are THE ONE THING that only have one use in the world, especially when they are such awesome pieces of art?

Sorry for the rant your majesty!
Your Faithful student:
The Burning Donut

Skateboards CAN BE art!

I watched the new Thundercats cartoon...

And it was AAAAAAWWWWSOME!!!!!!!

Yah I've seen bits and clips here and there, and even a dude posted a link to a web site that posted the whoooole thing before it aired....

But I was all "NO!"

"I will NOT give in to temptation and I will watch it like it was MEANT to be watched!"

Now what I thought about the show

I like the quasi-furry/anthro look of the series, and over all the designs looked amazing, it REALLY did a good job of adding a modern anime feel as well. The style kind of reminds me of a Mix of Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Solabarobo art I've seen

At first like most fans I was skeptical of Lion-O's design, but it really made sense considering the story they were working with (I was really never to fond of the whole Lion-O was a kid but aged because of his damaged pod crap anyway) he basically looks sleeker, then the original and I mean lets face it the "personality" of the original rarely went beyond "I'm a good guy so I'll act good" but when the new guy first went "Thunder cats HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" he sounded like he really deserved the role of the lord of the Thundercats!

I'm still torn about Tygra though he reminds me so much of Tygra from the Gold Digger comics in personality, and the whole "better brother, douche bag/hero" storyline doesn't't impress me to much, also he seemed way underdeveloped...

But it WAS the first episode after all so I'll let it slide for now.

Now the one design that...well was far better than expected...was... well she was the one that was responsible for more young cartoon fans becoming furry...



Cheetarah! Her new design is such a perfect example of hoe you can make characters look sexy while putting them on MORE CLOTHES!

And when Larry Kenny was doing the voice of Lion-o's father...

I was so tempted to just let out a fan-girl-esqu squeeeel while hearing his awesome voice!

My only complaint we Wily-kit and Wily-Kat, the look was adorable and I applaud them for actually using children to do there voices (I was never fond on there voices in the original I actually found them annoying) the only problem is, that children don't make the best voice actor, you'll see them have well animated emotions and movements, and facial expressions to what sounds kinda like kids just reading there lines.

But the BEST thing of all in the show?

SNARF DOSEN'T TALK! And he's all cute in that quasi pokemon ,Avatar anime wannabe look and you'll find yourself and going "OMFG Snarf's ADORABLE!!!!!"


And then you'll feel weird and uncomfortable for THOSE words going through your brain!

Now As far as the story I never really liked the whole "OMGF we're sent from one planet to another because... mummy...well superman did it sound it MUST be a cool story device right part of the original, and they went for a far more basic "OMFG badguys killed my father, and now I have to rebuild my Kingdome, and become the next king" witch is actually presented better than I make it sound. But let's face facts it isn't all to original.

The show looks, sounds, and aside from a little cheese here and there pretty BADDASS!

It's nice to cartoon where heroes kick ass rather than complain about how there dad doesn't understand them and stuff like that.

The best thing all around?



Tax returns and The New Donutmobile!

2011-03-06 03:43:41 by TheBurningDonut

The Donutmobile BLACK!

All right well what started as a really bad week became pretty good.

Well I got REALLY sick, and was bed ridden for almost three days, coughing and hacking so hard it made my sides hurt.

I was also wondering about my Tax return and wondering when it would show up.

Well it showed up EARLY and I was shocked.

I started Looking for a car and found THIS!

A 1979 Ford Granada!

Now for those of you from European countries who are thinking of that BADDASED classic that came with the 302 and is an offshoot of the Ford Falcon...


This is a Mid sized car, with a straight 6 (Not powerful but reliable) that is as normal as can be!

NOW this car is Cost me a whole $400 bucks (The wheels and brand new tires alone are worth that) the engine runs, and pretty well too, it's not a PRETTY car by any means, it's got a Horrendous Rattle can paint job, the radio doesn't work, it has no head liner, I'm still trying to get the turning signals to work, but the are such SMALL problems for a vehicle that only cost 400 bucks!

The nice thing about NOT being concerned about messing paint, or resale value?

Yah I'm not going to go crazy with it (That's why it says "This is a test") right away I did the little pic to "test the waters" and see if people think it's cool, think it's lame or if it get's keyed and egged with letters saying "Yiff in hell furfag!" or just being an "Eye catcher" might draw unwanted attention in general, or who knows.

So far every one who's seen it think it's awesome!

Well I actually have transportation now so I can actually DO THINGS now, and sense I'm gong to actually be getting unemployment I will NEED to start doing stuff.

With a new car, bought, paid for, insured, and a mission of things to do I have a lot to get done so
Donut Out!

Tax returns and The New Donutmobile!


There's good and bad....

And for once the bad doesn't out way the good....hopefully...

The bad, Between going to a local Sci-Fi Anime com, paying bills and stuff I some how didn't catch that I was short 10 bucks for my budget...

So for now I'm sitting on a pretty bad over draft...

Now the Good.

I worked Security at the Local Sci-Fi / anime con and got in for half price. When I was done with the con My parents came over to visit my sister, but since I am in the same house as my sister they saw me too!

So right off two good things, Went to Con, and saw my parents!

Well one thing I was afraid to try this year was filing my taxes, I was afraid that since I made so little, I wouldn't have paid enough into taxes and I'd only owe more money ...


After getting the Pidly amount I made done I got back almost 15,000 bucks! Yah it's like just under 300 from state, and just over 12 hundred from Federal, and


They saw the money I made and suggested I try for Unemployment again, and some how I actually got something from it!

Now before you go thinking I'm one of those 99 weekers keep in mind I made a bout a month of unemployment and ran out of money, so I haven't had a penny of help since two years ago!

Also it isn't A LOT it's just over a hundred a week ,but will help a lot even though I can't imagine it'll last to long.

OH yah I forgot I went to contest the last ticket I got, remember the cop said that "All you have to do is say there's ice, and it'll go away" well I had to Subpoena him and hope for the best.

So after weeks of stress and worry I head to the courthouse and the whole time I'm hoping for either him to tell the truth, or him to not show up.

If he was going to lie I was ready to Subpoena the video from the dash cam, or something, but what I was worried about most of all was the cop doing the right thing showing up telling the truth, and the judge just saying the whole thing didn't matter because it only matters what's on the police report.

So thing started off bad because they rescheduled the court to a different room (On the sheet I got it said room 5) and I showed up and there was no schedule for that room.

So if your name doesn't show up check the schedules for the other courtrooms for your name...
Nothing ... awesome .. So I went to the Cashier (What they tell you to do if your name is on no schedule) and they said I was in room 5, I sat there for almost 20 minuets and the room didn't open AND I was the only one in line (Keep in mind I had two separate sources saying I should be in that room) I gave up and went back to the Cashier and there all "Oh well now your scheduled for courtroom 6!"

So already it looks pretty bad...

I sit down and there's a TON of people in front of me, and it's always interesting to see the cases ahead of me.

One was a dude given a ticket for his exhaust being to loud, of course he fought it because his car was exempt from that law (being over 25 years old) and was found innocent,

Another was a lady who was caught using her cell phone...but she was trying to fight the EXTENT that her phone was up to her ear, and that she was at a stop sigh... so yah she was found guilty.

So here it was my turn... I walk up to the stand ... the judge reads my ticket...

She's all "I see you got a continuance and subpoenaed an officer"

"Yes your Honor!"

"Well he's not here so case dismissed!"

"That's it? Your honor?"

"Yes you are free to go!"

As I walked out the door I heard someone clapping, I was so relieved I could barley believe what happened!

So I don't know when my Taxes will show up but it will be nice when they do and as long as my bank dose what there supposed to my overdraft won't get any bigger, and I can take care of it with either some quick commissions of something,

So all and all not a bad week so far, while it was awesome to see my parents and go to the con, I'll believe unemployment and Taxes when I see it!

That's all for now!
Donut out!

All and all Not a bad week!

In spite of being screwed bu the legal system, my scate board not selling, having no money, the bike I bought that was SUPPOSED to make Job searching easier turned out to be a piece of crap, the paint I bought to make a board that was supposed to sell, tickets for speeding when I was going the same speed as the rest of traffic, living in my sisters Garage, with no heat and temperatures dropping well below freezing....


I am still trying to carry on and make art in all this mess.

I have finally at least got a couple of resumes in, one for a Night club security, and the other as a Night stalker at Office Depot, so maybe JUST MAYBE, SOMETHING good MIGHT have a SLIGHT chance of actually happening!

A nice Little ditty to help in staying positive!

and proof that I am still working on art!

Allway look on the bright side of life!

Shooters and Politicians

2011-01-08 22:34:30 by TheBurningDonut

Am I the only one that wonders

1: how you can open fire in a public area,

2: Hit your target POINT BLANK in the head

3: Fire and HIT 12 other people

and all of this before anyone dose anything?

All with a HANDGUN?

Shooters and Politicians

New Years resalutions

2011-01-06 23:26:21 by TheBurningDonut

My New Years resolutions:

Well I feel like I have no control right now.... BUT

1: Learn Japanese, I have a jump on it as I can basically speak like a 2 year old in Japanese, I can say greetings, hello good morning, tell when some one is asking a question and count to 10!


2:Do a drawing a day! Now this dose not mean sit down and draw a circle, and call it good, it means get out all my drawing gear and see what comes out. Now it won't need to be COMPLETE but it will have to be a descent effort.

3:to get into some kind of animation program or something, and maybe even dibble dabble in 3D a little.

4: Ultimately to just DO things, not worry to much about logistics, basically if I want to do something to just DO it.

Now as far as jobs and stuff I just don't know what to do I have no way to control them, I mean you can be qualified in every way, but because there's so much competition there's just literally no way to read the minds of those who say they are hiring.

Things I am looking for or want:
Airbrush equipment, and comic sized blueline paper!

New Years resalutions

Happy year of the BUNNY!

2011-01-01 06:44:59 by TheBurningDonut

Man I hope that Rabbit comes in and kicks the SHIT outta that damn tiger that's mistreated me for a whole year!

*Insert Street Fighter Music*

Happy year of the BUNNY!

So last night I was on Youtube, and I was randomly sent to this movie,

It was called "The Cunning Little Vixen".

It was an English adaption of an opera set to animation and it wasn't TO bad while they were singing ALL the time it was mildly entertaining (And any time you listen to music outside the language it was intended to be it almost always sounds like crap in this case the Italian was translated to English)

Sure enough by the end of the movie the Girl fox was Killed

In the related links there were two other movies, that had adorable renditions of foxes, one was called "Fox of Chironuppu" and the other was in Japanese so I couldn't tell what it was called.

I watched three parts of one, and I'll tell yah IT WAS ADORABLE!!!!!!

I mean I have seen allot of cute rendition of foxes before but DAMN this one made me want to hug and cuddle the main character (Throw I there cute Japanese voices) and I don't care you could have Brock Lesner wanting to hug and cuddle them!

BUT I remembered the last one I watched and skipped to the last part...

Sure enough there's Mamma fox and Baby fox crying and cuddling as they both freeze to death!

I checked the other one (The one with the Japanese name) and SURE ENOUGH the last video the adorable little fox is laying dying a slow and sad death...

This is not a one time thing, there are TONS of movies from other countries where the animals die, look at Watership down, and Plague Dogs.

On a side note I had a girl sobbing once just explaining the PLOT of Plague dogs!

I get the idea that sometimes death is actually a part of the story, and some times death will bring something better in other peoples life, BUT COME ON!!!!

I remember watching the Disney release of Jungle Emperor Leo, and I was actually getting pissed off' it was all This character dies that character dies, I mean literally by the end of the movie HALF the cast was dead! Add the fact that the English version was voiced by the current 4-Kids crew it was kinda cool because I thought Dan Green did a cool job and all but still,

HALF THE CAST? COME ON it was like they took Osamu Tezukas story and flipped off the audience the whole time!

Basically if you find some cute beautifully animated movie made in another country about some hopelessly adorable animals (ESPECIALLY FOXES) 90% of the time they will die a sad sad hopelessly horrendous death by the end of the movie.

What is it with writers that we just love seeing things we fall in love with die?

There are acceptations with cartoons like Arashi No Yoru" (One Stormy Night in English) and those Hugo movies and such.

But geez yo!

The cute little fox dies at the end!

Allright it's almost 4 in the morning, I can't sleep, and am pondering on if it's worth going to Labor ready to try and find work for the day, I also had this huge long journal all typed up about how I'm all pissed off about not finding a job and bla bla blaaaaaa..........

What I want for Christmas:

1: A job,

Now yah it would be awesome to get a job that implies working with my art, but for the sake of being realistic, as long as It's not a Mill or something else that you work for 16 hours a day as hard and fast as you can, I'll be happy.

Companies I would LOVE to work for (Some reason many web sites say blogging about these will improve your chances of working for them)


My Art is easily applicable to many of there cartoony games such Megaman (Or Rockman, I know I know) Okami-Den (Yah cartoony WOLVES yah like THAT'S a stretch for me) and with so much art on web sited and art books instruction booklets and such, even just working on the crews that put them together would be awesome for me yo!


Making designs or what ever digital editing of designs to go onto the headphones would be SO AWESOME!

Basically anything that involves visual editing is fun for me, I saw this company in the mall called "Lids" and it's basically this little group that makes designs for hats and they usually have a computer running that's making the hats...

And I love to sit and watch the people work with it, I'm sure they've probably thought I was some kind of weirdo more than once.

2: A car

Yah I know I don't expect ANYONE to run out and buy me a car that would be stupid this is a wish list nothing more!
What I WANT not what I want people to BUY me!

Cars I would LIKE to be able to get

A Chevy Conversion/ or camping van:

Yes I like Vans I know it's stupid, but I would just LOVE a big ol' van! It doesn't HAVE to be a camper or conversion van, just as long as it dosen't have a whole ton of windows and I can throw a makeshift bed in the back it would make be so happy, so honestly even an old cargo van would be awesome.

And yah it COULD be a Ford or a Dodge I'm just a Chevy guy is all.

Chevy Caprice:

Yah my first car was a 1979 caprice and yah sure it was ugly and had no interior, but I loved it. So I mean anything from a 1975 boat (my Explorer really didn't get that good of gas mileage anyway) to a 1991 wagon, to an old Police Car and I'd be happy!

A Chevy Astro:

Yah just a smaller van, but better Gas mileage, and easier to park (LOL) it's generally easier to find, and generally a little more reliably than an old 70's van as well but generally the same rules apply to Vans as Astros! And yah it's still be baddass to throw a bed in the back and be all "Oh yah you know it's awesome!"

Anything I can Rat Rod:

Anything Pre 1980's works in this category, anything from a little Chevy luv to a late 70's Caddy, to an old beater truck (Preferably a short bed) literally anything that would good slightly lowered and painted black fits here!

I know it sounds like I'm asking for something, but it just seemed better to do this than rant and rave.

Christmas Wish list (Sortuh)